Gill + Jen - Webster's Falls, Dundas Engagement

When Gill and Jen first met, Jen knew that there was something special about Gill. Her obvious beauty, gorgeous smile, and extremly bubbly personality sparked her attention. The only thing holding Jen back from telling her how she felt was that Gill was currently dating someone else. Being the type to wait things out and not rush, Jen took her time. She knew if it was meant to be it would happen and she was prepared to be patient. Once things had fizzled out in Gill's other relationship, Jen and Gill were reintroduced and the two hit it off. It just felt right. Together they moved to Ottawa and have been inseparable ever since.


Gill and Jen are two amazing people whom I feel honoured to know. They love each other deeply and have some of the most fun I've ever seen. They are constantly cuddling, kissing, laughing, and can instantly make the other blush. I had never shot a same sex couple before and I wasn't sure what to expect but the moment we chatted I knew that I had to be their photographer. I knew both Gill and Jen were awesome people based on our long distance skype chats, but meeting them in person was everything I could have hoped for and more. We took time out of the session to enjoy some Starbucks and talk about their relationship, their life in Ottawa, their change of wedding plans due to same sex marriage laws in the Dominican, and how much we love Canada for the freedom we have to be ourselves and to love who we want to love. We ended the session with lots of hugs and talks of meeting up as soon as they are back in town. I am SO excited to be their wedding photographer this July and to document their strong love for one another.  Can't wait! :)

Gill grew up in Dundas so it seemed only fitting to do their photos there...


Emily + Caleb - Famee Furlane, Binbrook Wedding

If you took a walk through the Switzer home, you would instantly feel the strong family bond that they share. As I set up to photograph the getting ready portion of the day, I couldn't help but notice all of the family heirlooms, photographs, and memories throughout the home. First, I spotted a countdown to Emily and Caleb's wedding written on an old chalkboard. The mother of the bride told me that the chalkboard had been passed down through the years. She also told me that they had begun the countdown long before the wedding and that they were all just so excited for the big day. I also noticed several of Emily's parents wedding photos on the walls and photograph upon photograph of their children's lives documented throughout the entire home. I got a real sense of their love and appreciation for family, God, and of course marriage. Having known the Switzers for most of my childhood, it was such a pleasure to be a part of Emily and Caleb's wedding day and I couldn't wait for the rest of the day to unfold.

As Emily's mother and sister helped her get into her gorgeous Vera Wang gown, with all of her bridesmaids watching on, Emily began to cry. As the tears streamed down her cheek, she felt the moment hit her. It was the day she would leave home and marry the man she fell so deeply in love with. The blonde, blue eyed boy that the family had loved since the first moment they met him years before. Caleb was Emily's brothers friend and it was clear to everyone that Caleb was the perfect match for her. As she walked down the aisle, gripping her dads arm tightly at her side, her eyes met with Caleb's. His too were full of tears as he watched her walk closer and closer towards him.  In the presence of God and their friends and family, Emily and Caleb vowed to love one another forever.

This beautiful wedding reminded me of the importance of family and the true meaning of what a wedding is all about. Emily and Caleb, you have a love that is so incredibly special. When listening to the speeches that your friends and family gave, I couldn't help but admire you both in so many more ways than I already had. I wish you guys all of the happiness in the world and want to thank you for allowing me to document such a beautiful piece of your families story and the start of your own.



My Life in Instagram Photos - May

I can't even believe how fast the months seem to be flying by right now. It's already June? Craziness. I have to say May was pretty awesome. I photographed four gorgeous weddings that I cannot wait to share, one of which took place in Montreal. It was an awesome wedding and gave us a good excuse to take a few days off afterwards. Ty and I took some time to explore, eat, and shop! The rest of May was spent shooting, shooting, and more shooting. I couldn't feel more grateful to all of the lovely couples who have come into my life and allowed me to document their love.

Last month, I also began working with Michelle of Papertalk Press to come up with a new logo and look for my blog. To say I am excited about this would be an understatement. Look for new changes soon :)

I also spent most days admiring all of the gorgeous peonies that came into bloom in May. They don't last long enough so I am embracing their beauty (and stealing them from the garden!).

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Megan + Colin - McMaster University, Hamilton Engagement

Have you ever wanted to take a few photos together with your girlfriends and asked a stranger walking by to snap it for you? If not, you definitely should because apparently that stranger could very well be husband material. Well, in Megan's case anyways. After she requested Colin to take her picture, they began chatting. Right away, Colin knew that he loved her bubbly and outgoing personality and Megan was intrigued at how adorably quiet and reserved Colin came across. He was the perfect balance to her. Throughout their years at McMaster University, Meg and Colin became very close. They would study together, visit each others dorms, and eventually, fall in love.

We photographed their engagement photos at McMaster, the spot that means so much to them and their relationship. It was the perfect fit to represent their love and I don't think they could have picked a better spot. I am so eager and excited for their wedding in a couple weeks and know there will be a lot of laughter as Megan is the BEST at that. But I mean really, Colin's a sweetheart, I can't blame her for being so happy! :)



Nadia - Toronto Bridal Shower

Nadia had the most perfect bridal shower brunch in downtown Toronto overlooking the city and spent with all of her favourite ladies. With pops of fuchsia and soft pink, her shower was a reflection of her personal taste done with class and elegance. From the personalized cake, bride and groom cake pops, flower arrangements (made by the bride-to-be herself), and homemade delicious pink macaroons (made by her cousin) - Nadia's shower made for a stunningly chic event. It was filled with family and friends, amazing food, and some beautiful scenery of the city to look out over. I hope you'll enjoy some of the photos from her special day and I can't wait to photograph Nadia's bound-to-be-beautiful wedding this upcoming June. Engagement photos coming soon :)

Thanks to the always amazing Ivy Lam for doing such a great job on Nadia's hair and makeup! Beautiful :)Shoutout to Wanderlust Designs for the gorgeous invites! I love all the polkadots.Pretty Sweet Cakes by Savera did a gorgeous job on the cake and cake pops! They tasted yummy too!

Mariusz arrived with flowers for Nadia and was looking very 'Hollywood'. The girls went crazy! ....including this little girl :)

I'll leave you with the soon-to-be Bride and Groom. Love them!