Ashley + Dan - Burlington Village Square Engagement

Ashley and Dan both had great examples set by their parents when it came to finding the perfect partner to share life with. Dans parents met when his mom was only 14 years old. They were married young and to this day, have a beautiful relationship. One that Dan has grown up surrounded by with hopes of following in the same footsteps. Ashley and Dan also met really young. When Dan was 14 years old to be exact. If that's not a sign, then I don't know what is :) They met at church and have basically grown up together in these last few years. Sharing their love for one another and most importantly, for God, is something they so strongly believe in. Dan is studying to become a Pastor which is also what Ashley's dad is. They really are the perfect match. They are constantly making one another laugh and the way that Dan cares for Ashley is super sweet and pretty special to watch. He looks out for her and is her very best friend. I know that like their parents, they too will have an amazing marriage.

Ashley and Dan will be married this weekend at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and I can't wait to see them promise themselves to each other and to God in front of all of their closest family and friends. Ashley has some seriously good taste (I may stalk her a little on Pinterest...) so I know their wedding will be filled with personal details and tons of prettiness.

Enjoy some of their engagement photos taken downtown Burlington in the Village Square :)


Tijana + Jovan - Spencer Smith Park, Burlington Engagement 

They met at McMaster University. Jovan wanted to take a Russian class but it just wasn't working into his schedule. Other classes he wanted weren't falling into place either and things needed to be moved around. Jovan's dad reminded him about the Russian course he had previously wanted to take and he decided he would give it a go. Sitting in class he noticed a beautiful blonde and just had to say something to her. They chatted casually but it wasn't until closer to Valentine's Day where he would make his move. He bought her chocolates and a teddy bear because what girl doesn't love a chocolate and teddy bear? Jovan is smooth like that :) Tijana thought the gift was sweet and she asked him what he was doing that weekend. "Yes, she's asking ME out on a date," he thought to himself. She swears she was just trying to be nice and hadn't considered actually hanging out that weekend, yet but they went out and enjoyed a dinner in downtown Burlington regardless. It helps that they totally hit it off. Fast forward a few years and Jovan decided it was time to propose. He got down on his knee in front of the classroom at MAC where they first met, in front of studying students, and asked Tijana to be his wife.


In high school, I always admired Tijana as she walked down the halls in her gorgeous pink matching blazer, skirt, and heels. She looked she she was straight out of a scene from Legally Blonde. She even had the smart part down pat :) She was (and still is) beautiful, talented, and you couldn't help but keep track of her cute outfits and pretty smile. When she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was over the moon excited. I can only imagine how gorgeous she will look as a beautiful bride in white. Tijana and Jovan will be married in a couple of weeks here in Hamilton and I am honoured to be a part of it!


Here are some photos of Tijana and Jovan that were shot around the spot of their first date in downtown Burlington.....


Lea + Mark - St. Patrick's Basilica, Montreal Wedding

Almost a year ago today, Ty and myself travelled to Montreal and shot a gorgeous wedding at St. Patrick's Basillica - truly one of the most stunning churches we've been to! A few months after the wedding, I got a call from another gorgeous bride, Lea, who was going to be married in the same church the following year. We chatted on skype and almost instantly knew we were the perfect fit to shoot their wedding. Having already shot in the dimly lit church and around the area, Lea was confident we too could bring out all of the beauty of their special day. After Lea told us that she had some previous modeling experience, I couldn't wait to get her in front of my camera. She wasn't kidding - not only was she a total natural, but she made the most beautiful bride!

Lea and Mark are extremely passionate and driven people. After playing in the NHL, Mark has given up hockey and is in the process of finishing up his degree at Harvard University to become a lawyer. His ambition and hard work is something Lea so strongly admires about him as she too shares the same quality. Lea has a witty and outgoing personality while Mark tends to be a little more shy and reserved. Together, they are the perfect balance. We also really got a sense of how humble they are.  At their wedding reception which took place at Le Place D'Armes, family members expressed how as per the bride and groom's requests, they weren't supposed to make the speeches long or drawn out. Lea and Mark felt that they wanted their day to be more about their families coming together than about all the nice things everyone could say about them personally.

We began the day documenting Lea getting ready in a hotel in downtown Montreal and then headed to the church where Lea and Mark did a first look. Based on the start time of the ceremony, it only made the most sense to get the photos out of the way so that they could enjoy their cocktail hour and the rest of the evening with their guests.  We couldn't have been more honoured to be a part of their beautiful wedding and celebration. I hope you'll enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.



Nadia + Mariusz - Bobbette & Belle, Toronto Engagement

Nadia was looking to have a fun night out with her girlfriends and some of her family. They chose to spend the evening at the Brant House in Toronto to enjoy some drinks and time with one another. Little did she know, she would bump into a boy who for the rest of the night, would have a hard time taking his eyes off of her. She didn't mind at all. He was tall, dark (okay so maybe not dark, but you know where I'm going with this), handsome and verrry cute. As her family looked on, they chatted, and at the end of their conversation she gave him her number in hopes he'd call. She knew he would. Not long after, Mariusz took Nadia out for Chinese food and wore what he defines as his "fanciest outfit." His "vintage" Adidas jacket that he's had since he was 16. This was the first of many Adidas jacket appearances, despite how Nadia feels about it :) Thankfully it was something she was willing to overlook....(sorry Mariusz).

After 3 years together, Mariusz proposed and together, they have been planning their dream wedding. The big day will take place this Saturday at the newly renovated Arcadian Court and I am so thankful that these two love birds chose me as their photographer. Over the past year, Nadia and I have become extremely close and I cannot wait to watch her marry the love of her life. I have been looking so forward to their wedding day.

Here are some photos from their recent engagement session. We began the shoot at the gorgeous Bobbette & Belle storefront (they are doing Nadia and Mariusz's wedding carrot cake ever!) and then we ventured down to the beach to capture a more natural setting. I love these two and hope you'll enjoy their photos :)


Featured: Wedluxe Magazine's Editor's Blog - Alicia's Bridal Shower

I have loved photographing so many gorgeous bridal showers this year for some of the most amazing bride-to-be's. The showers are always so beautiful and a true reflection of the brides personality and femininity. I not only love the details of the day but I enjoy feeling the anticipation for their upcoming wedding day fill the room.

I am thrilled to be featured on the Wedluxe blog today with some images from Alicia's shower at Liuna Station. I recently posted some of my favourite images from the bridal shower on my blog here, so be sure to check them out if you missed the post! Alicia and Cristina, sisters who own Sisterly Love, designed, styled, and planned the entire day themselves. They are so very talented! It was a pleasure to be a part of this day filled with prettiness :)