Sarah + Jeff - Wedding

Sarah and Jeff are madly in love. Every time I mentioned the word "Sarah" to Jeff he got a big smile on his face (and as you can see in the photos he couldn't get enough of her!). They are one of those couples who are so easy going and down for anything - I liked them right off the bat. I liked them even more when they decided to do a first look!! I try and tell a lot of couples that it is awesome to do the first look because you get your photos done before all of the craziness of a wedding and you have a chance to enjoy each other without the attention from all of your guests. It is an intimate moment which I enjoy photographing immensely. I almost wished everyone did it :) 

The day was a bit cold and wet, but the two didn't mind one bit. They were so in love and so excited to be married nothing could ruin their day. I loved being there and I am so thankful for being able to share in such an amazing day. The evening wedding was a nice touch and the Paletta Mansion is gorgeous! You treated us as friends and for this I am so blessed, congratulations Sarah and Jeff!

Sarah won my heart with her purple shoes. Representin' Elizabeth Kaye of course :) 

the first look: note how EXCITED Jeff is! So cute.

Sarah was quite excited also

LOVE blossoms!


I loved the bridesmaids too, so fun!  

first dance was tearjerking!


Erica + Dany 

A couple days ago I shot my good friend Dany and his lovely girlfriend Erica. The whole day was a blast - we went down to the Beaches in Toronto and hung out, snapped some photos and drank coffee from a coffee shop that didn't want us there at all. We had a blast and the images really show how cute they are together. I am just so happy that Dany found a good one - we've been waiting for you Erica ;)  I love shooting couples shoots..i'm such a sap - seriously.




this was hilarious when we saw this - you'd have to know Dany to think so perhaps...



Magda + Chris - Wedding

Magda and Chris are so in love that I maaay have just cried three... maybe four times during their wedding. Everything about the day was amazing. The day was beautiful, she looked stunning in her dress and their perma-smiles made my job easy. I loved capturing all of Magda's laughs and all of Chris's glances which he snuck all day long. He couldn't get enough of his bride and this made my heart smile. I've never seen two people so excited to be married. I've known Magda since highschool - she started teaching when I was graduating... talk about a hot teacher!
Thank you for the fun, for the smiles all day long, and for being so darn cute and in love.

I love when they throw confetti after a service!

I love how much they adored eachother, it was so sweet.


Elizabeth In Love

This is the start of my new blog! I am sooo excited that I will be posting the newest weddings, engagements and couples shoots that I have been working on so that you can all stay up to date with my work this year.  I have totally fallen in love with shooting weddings and engagements and figured it was about time I shared with the world.  I want you to all be a part of the journey and can't wait to start posting! Lot's of stuff coming up soon.

**Thank you so much to the amazing Tyler James for all of his help in getting this blog started up. You're the best.

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