Thi & Conrad - Engagement - Liuna Station, Hamilton

Through meeting, conversations and our session, I have noticed that Thi and Conrad have a quiet, innocent, and sweet kind of love. It isn't necessary for them to be over the top in order to feel the love and care that they share for one another. I could see it clearly as I was photographing these two. The soft kisses Conrad placed on Thi's forhead without my promp. The way he moved her hair from her eyes when it got windy. The gentle holding of hands and the many, many, sweet laughs that Thi could not contain. These two share something very special. I was honoured to document them, share in their moment, and get to know them better. In June I will be shooting their wedding and I can't wait to see what their day brings. 

Here are some of my favourites of the engagement session shot at Liuna Station right here in Hamilton. They met and worked together in the Hammer a few years back so having their session local (even though they now reside in Ottawa) was only fitting.


Style Me Pretty - My Favourites! 

As promised, here is a post of my favourite images from our Valentine's Day Inspiration Creative that was featured yesterday on Style Me Pretty. I can't thank everyone enough for all of their support and kind words - it was definitly an exciting day for me! Head over to Rhiannon's blog to see her recap also!

Thank you so much to the team that made it possible :) They are all such amazing wedding vendors whom I'd be honoured to work with again!
Style & Concept Design: Rhiannon Banda-Scott, Hey Gorgeous Events 
Cake: Olivia Nguyen, I Do Wedding Cakes  

Florals: Lisa Collins, Sweet Woodruff 

Paper: Michelle Ellen Lee, PaperTalkPress

Venue and necklace/bracelet: The Art Gallery of Hamilton

L O V E mugs: Anthropologie online

Bride's vintage stud earrings: ALDO accessories
Heart-shaped sugar cookies: Sweetness Bakery
Hair styling: Madelaine Griffin, Aura Salon and Spa

Make up artist: Sarah Smith

Bride's floral headpiece: Jenn Wood, migonnnehandmade on Etsy
L O V E banner: Linda, victorianstation on Etsy
Model: Jody Mifsud



Style Me Pretty Feature - Valentine's Day Inspired Wedding

To say that I am obsessed with the ever-so-fabulous blog Style Me Pretty is quite frankly an understatement.  The blog is so addictive and has definitely become a daily ritual of mine - though some may some call it more of an addiction. :) How can you blame me though? SMP is constantly updating their blog with the most drool worthy, gorgeous, creative, and lavish weddings. It's the part of my day where I like to day dream, envision my own wedding (someday), and get that extra kick of inspiration that I crave.  I'd take Style Me Pretty over a coffee any day - it totally hits the spot!

Earlier this year I was contacted by an amazing woman, who as you know, I have mentioned a million times on my blog - Rhiannon. This girl has an insane ability to visualize every single detail necessary to create the most stunning weddings and bring them to life. Rhi and I met up to brainstorm and discuss a potential Valentine's day creative and soon realized that half of our inspiration folders contained most of the same images. Our similar taste made this shoot that much sweeter to plan. The day of the shoot came and our ideas of a beautiful Valentine's Day wedding came to life. I have to give Rhiannon full credit though - I just took the photos and made them look pretty after everything was set up but I couldn't have been more pleased.

We wanted to create this shoot to highlight our ideas and skills, but we did this mainly as a goal. A goal of being feautured on our absolute favourite wedding blog. I am honoured and excited to be featured on Valentine's Day and am very proud of the team who made it all happen!

Tomorrow I will be posting more of my faves but until then...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! xo

Click here to see the images on Style Me Pretty! Yay!


Sonia + Waine - Barbados Destination Wedding

Sonia and Waine met when Sonia went to Guyana for some church related work. For him, it was love at first site. For her? Well let's just say it was actually quite the opposite. Not to say she didn't find him attractive, but Sonia is the kind of woman who is strong, independent, and in no way needs a man to make her happy. Waine wasn't about to give up, however. Thankfully, to his persistence, she agreed to give him the time of day. After many long distance texts which led to Yahoo Messenger which led to Facebook chat which led to Skype, the two became inseparable. They are an example of a long distance relationship gone right. The two got engaged and the rest is history. When Sonia called me about her wedding that would take place in Barbados, you better believe this Canadian girl, wanting to avoid the wrath of winter, squealed with excitement.

Both Tyler James and myself got to hang out with Sonia and Waine all week and shoot their beautiful wedding. We adore destination weddings and this one was no exception. Barbados, to me, is the definition of Paradise. As I looked over at the turquoise water and white sandy shore, I felt as though I had just landed inside of a postcard. Not only were the beaches beautiful, but we also fell in love with the churches in Barbados. They are beyond gorgeous. The ceremony took place in the church where Sonia's late mother had grown up. It was touching watching Sonia walk down the aisle, Waine grinning from ear to ear, and feeling a sense of warmth from Sonia's proud father as he gave her away. Being in that church was very important to the family and it was an emotional experience, to say the least.

We spent the time after the ceremony taking photos down at the beach, really aiming to capture the peace and beauty of Barbados. The light was fabulous, the warm breeze phenominial, and the love strong. You can see in the images how much they love one another. Sonia's laugh is extremely contagious and we found ourselves all cracking up especially when the waves almost swallowed up me and my gear *gasp!*. Okay, maybe not as funny as it sounds....

We had an amazing trip, some great memories, and a wedding we were so honoured to be a part of. Thank you Sonia and Waine for allowing us to photograph your day and for making us feel as close as family. It is something that we won't soon forget. Enjoy some of the snaps.

Sonia and her sis, Dahlia getting ready. They have a very special bond that I loved documenting.

Sonia's father looked on while Dahlia helped Sonia put on her veil. I love how happy he looks here.

Waine looking quite sharp. Ty and Waine were able to hang out and relax all morning while I was shooting Sonia getting ready. It' so handy having the two of us shooting! 

Sonia was feeling a bit nervous so I told her to close her eyes and to hum a song. It was so fabulous to see how singing calmed her nerves and gave her that moment she needed.

  Moments before walking down the aisle

The happy newlyweds - Mr. and Mrs. Noble.

Sonia, you are stunning. seriously.

One of my favourite shots.

I may or may not be in love with this ring... a lot.  


Sonia + Waine - Barbados Engagement Session

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to travel to Barbados to photograph my vocal coach and friend, Sonia, and her now husband, Waine. I will mention more about the trip and about their story when I post the wedding images, but for now I just wanted to give you a taste. Sonia wanted to have engagement photos done when they first got engaged but because Waine is from Guyana and Sonia from Canada, you can see how this became a difficult task. It all worked out in the end however, and at the rehearsal dinner, Tyler and I brought our cameras and shot a few frames. The rehearsal dinner was held at Sonia's uncles beautiful home and we were definitly not complaining once we got there and looked around. The property was beautiful and the liiiiiight - oh don't get me started on the light. :) I am excited to post their wedding images but for now, I hope these will tide you over.

Sonia got spoiled - I mean really, look at that rock!

Bajan sun is somewhat like Californian sun, in that, it's just prettier. I swear. These two like to laugh. That and Tyler and myself are ridiculously funny. :) I do love when people laugh so I try my best to bring this out of them! Even if embarrassing myself is the result. Oh hey, sassy pants.

Ty got this angle and I thought it was a beautiful moment. That ring had to be showed off!