Tanya + Noah - Kensington Market, Toronto Engagement

They met at a hip hop club. She was there photographing an event and he was there battling. Tanya approached Noah (or as most know him, Soul Khan) after the show to let him know that she was a big fan of his music. It was her love for music in general that first peeked Noah's interest. And maybe the fact that she is stunning played a small part :) The event continued and at the end of it, Tanya felt brave and insisted Mr Soul Khan himself, come out for drinks with her and her friends. Noah was from out of town so of course Tanya needed to make sure he felt included ;) They found themselves paying no attention to the friends they went out with, and instead, locked on one another. Tanya felt like she had just made an amazing friend, Noah, on the other hand, was already falling for her.

The next few months were spent exchanging tweets and texts but due to their distance, they unfortunately couldn't get together whenever they wanted. Noah came back to Toronto for another hip hop event and spent the entire weekend with Tanya. She told him that she didn't want a relationship and mentioned she liked him, but again, only as friends.  It wasn't until he left for home, and after all of their late night chats together, that she too was smitten. They became inseparable and have visited one another at least once a month to make it work. Thirteen hour bus rides, last minute plane rides, and many, many Skype dates. They did anything it took to be together. And it's worked. Tanya and Noah are engaged to be married and I've never met a girl so excited!

Their relationship is just "right" and you can feel that when you're with them. I went to school with Tanya and I am so happy she's found the man of her dreams. I am honoured and can't wait to document their wedding next year - it's going to be one heck of a party!

Enjoy some of my favourite photos from our session :)



Eliana + Mark - Gairloch Gardens, Oakville Engagement

They met at a Latin night club where Eliana had planned on spending the evening celebrating her birthday with friends. Mark had been at home recovering from a fever when one of his buddies called him to tell him about a girl that he absolutely had to meet. This friend just knew they'd be perfect for one another. After some serious hesitation due to not feeling the greatest, Mark decided he would go and see what all the fuss was about this girl. When he got there, he instantly understood. Mark must have loved her dance moves and massive smile that lit up the entire room, because shortly after that, their first date was scheduled. It just so happens it was on Valentine's day :)

It wasn't too long after that, that Mark knew he had to marry Eliana. His proposal was pretty genius if you ask me. He planned it on his own birthday so that Eliana would not see it coming at all. Being completely oblivious to the planned proposal, that morning, Eliana surprised Mark with breakfast, an afternoon at the spa, lunch, and a fancy dinner at a downtown restaurant. Little did she know, he was putting together a surprise of his own. After dinner, Mark requested that they go ice skating at an outdoor park in Oakville. Eliana wasn't sure she wanted to go skating as truthfully, she isn't a fan of the winter at all. But it was his birthday after all - how could she say no? (Great plan, Mark!) Thankfully for Eliana, there was no rink. But there was a ring. Mark had set up a whole bunch of lights that were illuminating the path. That path lead to a round table with a ring box sitting on top of it. After Mark got down on one knee, and Eliana said yes, he took her to the edge of a nearby lake held her as fireworks went off. I mean, seriously, Mark?! Are you real? I can't believe how romantic that is! Their night ended with a celebration Mark had set up with both of their families.

Eliana and Mark will be married this weekend at Arcadian Court in Toronto and we cannot wait to be a part of the celebration. Love these two!



Eva + Spencer - The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto Wedding

They met in school while working towards their dream of becoming cinematographers. Both sharing the same passion for film, they had a instant bond. They worked on a few projects together and shared a few classes, and the more time they were around one another, the stronger they felt. But it wasn't until Eva went away to Italy that Spencer realized she was always on his mind and that he had to have her for his own. After she got back, they spent all of their time together - creating, inspiring and pushing one another. They couldn't be more perfect.

Their wedding at the Gladstone Hotel was 100% them. The celebration was more about coming together as one, and less about the "production" of a wedding. They wanted it to be simple and beautiful, yet intimate. Eva wore a dress she loved - short and different than anything she had seen worn before. She wore designer shoes she found at a thrift store that were exactly what she wanted. And seriously, this girl needs to teach me how to thrift! Both Eva and Spencer only wanted their closest family and friends to be there with them to celebrate. They skipped on a wedding party because they couldn't decide between all of their amazing friends. They opted to do a first look and spent that time together, chatting, laughing and being themselves. It was intimate and emotional. Exactly the feel they wanted for their wedding day.

I am so honoured to have been their wedding photographer and to witness such a meaningful and special day in both Eva and Spencer's life. Their families treated us like family and the whole day was so easy going and relaxed. What more could we ask for. Thank you Eva and Spencer for being true to who you are and allowing me to capture that. I loved every minute of it. xo


Morgan + Adam - Whitehern House Engagement

She was getting ready to go out for a birthday party. Truthfully, Morgan wasn't really feeling up for celebrating that evening, but decided to slap on her smiley face, curl her hair (the best hair ever, I must add), and get ready for a night out. In the limo ride over to the club, Morgan's eyes met with a tall and handsome boy on the other side. He was looking at her. She was looking at him. But of course, trying not to make it too obvious. Well, maybe just a little obvious :) This continued into the next day where they found themselves once again out for that same friend's birthday weekend celebration. Day one was all about the sweet glances, but on day two, Adam had to have her. He asked Morgan out on a date and they went on not one, but two dates that weekend. Since then, they've been inseparable.

On their third anniversary, they spent the week in Vegas but to Morgan's surprise, Adam had more up his sleeve that week than their typical shopping and laying pool side routine. As Morgan was getting ready for their date night in Vegas, there was a knock at the door. On the other side was a bellboy holding champagne and chocolate covered strawberries - Morgan's favourite. As she looked back at Adam, he held out a gift for her. It was a book entitled "Best Friends". As she flipped through the pages of the book, which was about two penguins who were best friends, she began to cry. The book was about how confident best friends felt around one another, about how they always had each other no matter what, and how sometimes they would say stupid things but that a best friend would always be there for them no matter what. The book was addressed to "My Best Friend." Morgan had found the same book a few months ago while they were shopping and thought it was the cutest story ever. Only this time, the best friends were labelled with the initials M and A. The magic continued as Adam had planned for their families to meet them in Vegas for dinner at a spot Morgan had been dying to go to. As they took it all in, everyone was there to celebrate with them.

Morgan and Adam's wedding is taking place this weekend in Ancaster and I couldn't be more thrilled to be their photographer. With a couple so cute you want to pinch them, so in love you want to hug them, and so darn stylist you want to be them, I can promise you that their wedding will be unforgettable.

For now, enjoy some of their engagement photos we took at Whitehern House and Dundurn Castle here in Hamilton a little while ago :)

Meet Grizz, the world's cutest and sweetest dog. I fell in love.


Jessica's Bridal Shower - Carmen's Banquet Hall, Hamilton

Last month I photographed another gorgeous bridal shower at Carmen's with a fabulous bride-to-be, an amazing group of girls, the biggest sweet table I've ever seen, and lots and lots of pink everything. Now you all know I love me some pink :) From the flowers, to the drinks, to the signature straws and napkins - all of the details were perfectly planned and came together beautifully. There were laughs, tears, many pairs of Louboutins *swoon* (Jessica has some of the best style I've seen), and tons of details inspired by Jessica and of course, high fashion :) I am so tempted to ask Jessica if I can come over and sift through her closet. I can only imagine how heavenly it would be!

Thank you Jessica for having me photograph your amazing day filled with anticipation for your wedding. I can't wait to see your photos! You'll make one insanely beautiful bride. xoxo